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  • Four Sam Fox School students selected for SI Student Show
    Katherine Welsch
    02.18.10, 09:05
  • Kemper Art Museum presents free screenings at Tivoli Theatre
    Liam Otten, The Record
    03.10.10, 09:04
  • Ralph Rucci takes part in Public Lecture Series
    Liam Otten
    03.16.10, 16:14
  • Kemper Art Museum presents screenings of Pine Flat, Double Tide
    Liam Otten, The Record
    04.4.10, 14:00
  • Sam Fox School presents 81st Annual Fashion Design Show
    Liam Otten, The Record
    04.19.10, 12:47
  • Museum offers two films to complement photography exhibition
    Liam Otten
    06.3.10, 13:46
  • Ann Hamilton collaborates with Sam Fox School on "stylus"
    Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
    06.17.10, 10:03
  • Teaching Gallery exhibition looks at humor in art
    Kimberly Singer
    06.21.10, 14:30
  • Traveling exhibition on view September 11-15 in Givens Hall
    Liam Otten, The Record
    08.20.10, 12:17
  • Julie Eizenberg, Ann Hamilton kick off Public Lecture Series
    Liam Otten, The Record
    09.2.10, 09:50