Heather Corcoran, director of art, leads a studio critique with Francesca Maida. Photo by James Byard.

The College of Art is a community of designers and artists. During your time here, you will learn to make things with many different materials; examine people, communities, and situations carefully and with empathy; communicate with diverse audiences; and create positive change in the world. Your studies will be rigorous and fun. Our courses are taught by leaders in their fields, who are working on local and global challenges.

As you continue your professional journey as an artist, it's critical that you are surrounded with the people, the places, and the resources that represent artistic courage, challenge, exploration, and risk. Our program at the Graduate School of Art is such an arena. We believe that as your inquiry deepens and your vision emerges, your work should become highly individualized and extend beyond traditional boundaries. It's for these reasons that our MFA program is unique.

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